The mission of Eventrend Holding

Plans Turning into Reality

We believe in achieving our business goals with the most consideration to our environment. It is essential to operate a useful business that offers values to all stakeholders involved. At the same time, we are eager to ensure the realization of the plans made by our property-owner partners, event-management clients, employees, leading partners and the owners of Eventrend. Setting the tone for a cooperation between these seemingly conflicting parties is important for us. This enables short- mid- and long term win-win situations and prosperity for everyone involved. Everyone’s plans are to become reality!


Modern Business Model - a Knowledge- and Development-Oriented Organization

We are working on the establishment of a business model that serves the achievement of the above goals. We aim to create a stable group of companies, that is - based on the motivation and accumulated and shared knowledge of its employees - capable for continuous and constant development. This creates values both for the employees and the environment of the company group. Adds quality and happiness to everyone’s life. A company group that appreciates experience, molds it into a common knowledge and shares it with all employees, thus providing opportunity for development. This is why we have founded our Talent Academy, opening up opportunities for each and every employee to develop, learn and improve their services each day.  Additionally, the Talent Academy stands by employees throughout their career, providing the knowledge base and competences necessary to perform their tasks. We believe that the future is only open to those who are able to adopt to the speed of 21st century development and take in and deploy the most from the  knowledge nowadays available without limitations. To those who develop their employees. We are creating incubator- and support solutions for our companies, providing assistance in economy, financial, business, HR and operational issues. We are working on the development of a business model that is worthwhile to join for all catering and event management entities.


Happy and Committed Employees

We are positive that the above goals can be achieved by loyal and motivated colleagues, who feel secure in their jobs. Therefore, we are striving to focus on them while realizing our plans and invest efforts in providing the hygiene factors ensuring high quality work on their part. With this they can live on with their heads held high, contributing to the achievements of our clients, guests and partners.

We strive to provide a secure, harmonic and positive working environment, encouraging them for development and ensuring their long-term competitiveness. These are the basics of a secure today and a successful tomorrow. We put efforts in making all this available for our colleagues for a lifetime. Every employee is offered personalized promotion and development opportunities.


Partners for Life

This is how our Partner Program was conceived, aiming to honor exceptional leadership (e.g. Managing Director) and operational (e.g. chefs) performances by offering a lifetime opportunity of ownership and income. With this, the leadership income gradually transforms into an ownership income, which, in case of a successful portfolio, provides outstanding standards of living and a secure and sustainable existence. The Partner Program is open for everyone working for Eventrend.

Of course, our colleagues without leadership or promotion aspirations are also important for us. We are continuously working on making our units better and loveable workplaces.


The Focus of our Operations: Customer Experience

The experiences of our customers, guests and business partners matter to us. We strive to exceed their expectations. Therefore, we focus on understanding our partner’s needs. And once we know it, we make every effort to meet, and where possible, exceed them.


Catering and Event Management with a Full Experience

We believe that catering in the 21st century is more than just serving food and drinks. In addition to choosing the right ingredients and the right methods, we also have to strive for providing an unforgettable, active experience to customers. We have to spice up the events of our customer’s lives with programs, atmospheres and care. Eating and spending time together has to be a full experience. We enrich the everyday lives of our guests and give them all enjoyments we can. Our goal is to bring experiences, joy and a tad of happiness in their lives.

Though - despite of all efforts - nobody is perfect, we still strive to give more and more, better and better to our customers, guests and partners every day.


Megvalósuló elképzelések

"Hisszük, hogy a 21. század vendéglátása már többről szól, mint enni és inni adni vendégeinknek. Programokkal, hangulatokkal és törődéssel kell fűszereznünk vendégeink életének eseményeit. Teljessé kell varázsolnunk az étkezés és az együtt töltött idő élményét! Gazdagítanunk kell vendégeink mindennapjait és megadni számukra mindazt, amit az élet szépségeiből megadhatunk."

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