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We have decided to build a large company

"We have decided to build a large company"

Plans turning into reality, applied quality and long term plans. These are the beliefs of Eventrend, successful for more than twenty years. How it is done, with a portfolio comprising almost forty facilities? We have asked Zoltán Kőrössy...

Andras Wolf

From Salon to the mall

What is the outcome of one of the most recognised fine dining restaurant chef taking its favorite comfort foods, and opening a restaurant in a mall? We uncover it: fried meat. And sausage. And of course noodles, by way of dessert. We talked...

Séf Asztala

Finally, you can eat good at a shopping mall as well

Currently there are two must-sees in Budapest, the Dobrumba we have already written about and now we took the pilgrimage to the Chef's table in Westend, where András Wolf, one of Hungary's best chef's had opened a fast food...

Séf Asztala

The Séf Asztala: This is where you have to go in Westend from now on

Everyone knows the shopping mall restaurants - quality of meals spread from tragic to catastrophic. You pass the already disastrous, in the morning prepared food, getting even worse spending all day under infrared lamps and simply can not...

Séf Asztala

Are we really going to the mall for fried meat? - The Séf Asztala has opened

The truth is we just blinked when we got to know that the Séf Asztala, a snack bar or even a fast food restaurant specialized in comfort food, distinguished by the name of András Wolf is situated in the middle of Westend. No, there is no...

BRKLYN - The Market, BBQ

Have fun with Barbeque - market gives a new meaning to the term

Everything started with an epiphany. Namely, that BRKLYN’s immense success requires that instead of meddling in the surroundings, its restaurant should stand out of it. This gave rise to The Market. We asked András Wolf, the Chef,...

Cucumber drink with seaweed

Cucumber drink with seaweed - a recipe by András Wolf and Antonio Fekete (Salon)

At the Gourmet Festival, we always run from stall to stall, lest we miss something. Of course, we always miss something, but one thing is for sure: we will refresh ourselves with Salon’s very own seaweed cucumber drink. Here is the...

New York Café - Budapest

Have you seen the most beautiful café in the world? It is here, in Hungary!

During an international, elite competition held in 2011, New York Café was awarded the title “The Most Beautiful Café in the World”. Looking at the pictures we no longer wonder... By today, the 120 year old architectural...

András Wolf’s soup - Salon Restaurant, New York Palace

We tasted András Wolf’s soup - Salon Restaurant, New York Palace

The ingredients? Onions, rabbit, fermented garlic and 30 years old balsamic vinegar. Wolf’s kitchen’s significance lies in these two facts: the breathtaking golden-marble, historical environment, and the homemade-style flavors...

Zichy Park Hotel, Bikács: Rural romantics in the nature

Bikács: Rural romantics in the nature - the home of great holidays, corporate events and team-buildings

Though a vacation - summer or winter - is always about undisturbed recreation, its preparation can sometimes be a pain. It doesn’t matter whether it’s only the two of you or you travel with a group, preferences and expectations...

Bachelor parties in Budapest – pre-wedding event management

Bachelor parties in Budapest – pre-wedding event management

Though, - as opposed to the proverb - weddings are happy events for man and women alike (otherwise they would never get themselves to marry anyone), their joy mixed with just a tad of sorrow. This is mainly caused by the fact that marriage...

The Eventrend Holding success story

The Eventrend success story - five star event management and restaurants

This huge holding with an annual turnover of HUF 8 billion started out as a college enterprise. Of course, you can say that Zoltán Kőrössy, Péter Váli, Gábor Nagy and László Novák was just at the right place at the right time, and...

Eventrend holding offers discounts for returning customers

Eventrend holding offers discounts for returning customers

Eventrend Holding, one of the largest domestic catering- hospitality- and event management company group came out with a club card. If you already own a club card, you know the phenomenon: the more you shop, the more discount you get. Of...

Fakanal Restaurant - Pálinka blending

When Pálinka is getting married - blending at Fakanál Restaurant

Every man to his taste. But, what about situations, when in the maze of gastronomy, we get confused about our own taste? When we can’t decide which one of our two favorite drinks to choose or recommend to our guests, and we want to...

Puskas Pancho Pub

Returning customers in the Pancho Pub

Watching a soccer match with friends – there is not much else out there that  would attract a soccer fan more. Though the biggest experience is to be there in the stadium when our favorite team is playing, to hear the roar of the...

Andras Wolf

A chef in the mall

New York Café’s and Salon restaurant’s very own chef, one of the most popular stars of the Hungarian gastronomy, András Wolf doesn’t believe in miracles. We are talking about long forgotten concepts, bucket-lists and...

professional education

Professional education in the event management- and catering industry

What happens when a company needs educated, deployable and trustworthy professionals? The answer is a no-brainer: they recruit one. But, what happens if they can’t find the experts they really need? The solution in this case is more...

New York Palace

Eventrend Holding: an expanding portfolio

For the owners, Eventrend Holding is like a forty-legged chair: failure of one leg will not affect the stability of the chair as a whole. They told Turizmus Panoráma, why each of their unit is different, and why they believe in a...

Symbol Budapest, the 220 year-old wine cellar

Queen Beatrix’s Dinner in Symbol

Symbol Budapest entered the touristic market with a new product. The 220 year-old, magnificent wine cellar of the venue accommodates renaissance-era royal feasts, with vintage music and dance shows.

The New York Palace, Budapest

New York Café’s “Artist’s Box” (Művészpáholy) success story is rolling on

Everybody in New York Café Voted for Continuation The New York Artist’s Box (Művészpáholy) has been one of the most successful literary-artistic events for three years in a row, and apparently, it is to remain as such....


Megvalósuló elképzelések

"Hisszük, hogy a 21. század vendéglátása már többről szól, mint enni és inni adni vendégeinknek. Programokkal, hangulatokkal és törődéssel kell fűszereznünk vendégeink életének eseményeit. Teljessé kell varázsolnunk az étkezés és az együtt töltött idő élményét! Gazdagítanunk kell vendégeink mindennapjait és megadni számukra mindazt, amit az élet szépségeiből megadhatunk."

Nagy Gábor

Eventrend - Megvalósuló elképzelések

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