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welcome to Eventrend’s official website! Please, allow us a short introduction.


We have founded our first enterprise, Gála Party Service, in 1992, which has transformed into Eventrend Holding over the years. The company-and management groups of this holding focus on restaurant catering, hospitability industry and event management.


We lucratively utilize the real-estate investments of financial- and professional investors.  Based on our growing portfolio, to date we are managing around 30,000 square meters of area suitable for catering and events, characteristically within the framework of 5-10 years, at times 30 years of lease- and operator’s agreements. Today we are operating more than twenty catering units and nine Budapest-based event venues and we supply three hotels with F&B. We are also managing six event-management- and two professionally related online businesses.

For the time being we are present in Hungary and in the Czech Republic.


More than 500 full-time employees are contributing to our success with their commitment and excellent performances. We strive for a long-term, mutually beneficial and stable relationship with our clients and property-owners. Ever since our foundation, our operation is characterized by continuous development. Our partners can always count on us, we guarantee our stability.


We are always happy to help You with our services.


Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation,

Sincerely:  Zoltán Kőrössy, Gábor Nagy, Péter Váli

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"Hisszük, hogy a 21. század vendéglátása már többről szól, mint enni és inni adni vendégeinknek. Programokkal, hangulatokkal és törődéssel kell fűszereznünk vendégeink életének eseményeit. Teljessé kell varázsolnunk az étkezés és az együtt töltött idő élményét! Gazdagítanunk kell vendégeink mindennapjait és megadni számukra mindazt, amit az élet szépségeiből megadhatunk."

Nagy Gábor

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